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Germany, Europe or Overseas

Move safely with ITO – worldwide!

Many years of experience in global relocation and ongoing training has made us a global expert with regards to all customs and import regulations. This is one of many reasons why the ITO Group is the incoming forwarder that many well-known foreign companies rely on.

ITO has been a distinguished member in the most important international freight forwarder associations for many years, such as FIDI, HHGFAA and LACMA. We all work according to the same high quality standards.

As a result, overseas we work exclusively with members of these world associations or, like for example in the USA, with our own offices on site. The delivery of your goods remains safely in well-trained hands.


The ITO Group operates in every country in Europe with its own personnel and equipment. State-of-the-art trucks can manage the farthest distances and easily surmount the highest passes.

Due to our longstanding international presence, we can draw on the best connections to customs authorities throughout Europe. Furthermore, we hold all necessary customs bond licenses and use the fastest and most reliable ferry links in order to best facilitate your move within Europe. We are well prepared for a growing Europe.

Good reasons to move with ITO

Safely packaged

Your removal goods are carefully and gently packed by our long-standing, skilled staff.

Worldwide connections

With ITO you can move comfortably and safely worldwide. Through our worldwide branches and verified partners, we work for your smooth move.

Vehicle fleet

With our own fleet of vehicles, we offer you individual solutions for your move. Whether private or company relocation - we have the necessary know-how.


Our services for your move

1. Planning and preparation

  • Consultation with our relocation consultants
  • Creation of a non-binding offer
  • Guaranteed basic liability according to HGB
    Free advice on insurance matters
  • Comprehensive advice on the transport process and any customs regulations in your destination country

2. Termination

  • Appointments after placing the order with the disposition

3. Transportation from house to house

  • Standard and special packaging, provision of packing material
  • Ordering of no-parking zones
  • Use of trained specialists
  • Craftsman service (optional)
  • External elevator provision
  • Delivery and collection of packing material
  • Packing and unpacking, Loading and unloading of household items
  • Disassembly and assembly of the furniture

Additional srvices for overseas removals:

  • Transport of the container to the seapor
  • Customs, export and import handling in Germany and overseas
  • Creation of the documents required 
  • Shipping of the removal good

4. After moving

  • Return of the packaging material on the day of delivery

How to determine your moving volume:

The most important thing in determining the cost of a move is determining the exact amount of the move. The first question to be answered here is what you would like to take with you when moving: If you are moving within Germany or Europe using a moving van, probably the majority of the existing furniture, and if you are moving overseas, perhaps less.

There are 4 options to choose from to determine your personal relocation volume:

Inspection by our moving advisor

Inspection by Smartphone

Determination by moving goods credit list

Please remember that you really record all rooms, possibly from the basement to the attic or tool shed.

Our removal goods list is available to you both as an online form and as a download in PDF form.

Own approximate estimate

You can only use the following guidelines as a guide for a very first personal assessment of your own furniture.


Guide values ​​for living space

up to 25 sqm:  25 cbm
up to 50 sqm:  40 cbm
up to 70 sqm:  50 cbm
up to 100 sqm:  70 cbm
more than 100 sqm: 80 cbm and more

The different containers and sizes for overseas removals:

When moving overseas, you have the option of choosing between six different container sizes, from a small movebox to the large 40 ′ container. As long as you do not exceed a booked size in terms of quantity, you always have enough “air” up to this upper limit when taking your items with you.


Available in 2 sizes:

Small: 1,21 cbm 
Internal dimensions: 110 x 110 x 100 cm

Big: 2,50 cbm 
Internal dimensions: 100 x 101 x 202 cm

Recommended for:


Available for up to 5,8 cbm 
Internal dimensions : 109 x 219 x 203 cm




Recommended for:

Overseas container

Available in 2 sizes:

20′ Container : 32 cbm     
Internal dimensions : 235 x 217 x 589 cm

40′ Container : 64 cbm     
Internal dimensions : 235 x 217 x 1203 cm

Recommended for:

Alternatives when moving overseas:

Collective Containers

For certain overseas regions, we offer the option of shipping your removal goods in collective containers if you do not need a complete container for your removal goods. Talk to us about collective containers in specific individual cases! Recommended for:

Storage / Warehousing

If the extent of your own belongings is beyond the scope of the move, ITO offers you the alternative of storing part of your household items in one of our modern container halls until your stay abroad is over.

Virtual video survey

Make your relocation request today per Smartphone oder Tablet.

Step 1

You will receive an E-Mail with a link to download a free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2

Call us via the app and speak directly with one of our relocation specialist. It is as simple as video chatting with one of your friends.

Step 3

Our specialist accompanies you on a tour through your residence and determines your needs for your upcoming relocation.

Any Questions?

Take a look at our FAQ Section

If you would like to pack and load your removal goods yourself, we recommend that you put the things together in a suitable room to form a cube, based on the maximum internal dimensions of the transport container in question.

You can find a list of the possible transport containers for overseas removals and the respective internal dimensions here.

If you have no way of doing this, simply create a list of the items to be transported and send it to us as an attachment. We will then estimate the volume based on your information and select the relevant container for you. For moves within Germany and Europe, the move is calculated on the basis of cubic meters. We have also put together various examples for your orientation. For these moves, the price calculator serves as an initial estimate of a moving price for a certain volume.
For the exact determination of your volume, we recommend a visit by one of our relocation consultants and filling out a list of relocation items.

You can find more information here.

Some places are stored in our database with the usual name in the respective national language. Try this or enter the postcode of the destination and search for it.

Also you can enter another possibly larger destination in the immediate vicinity and have the calculation carried out over it. You can also inform us of the actual destination later under comments, if you would like a specific offer from us.

The prices of the price calculator, in particular the sea freight rates, are updated daily. For various reasons (fuel prices, currency fluctuations, etc.), sea freight rates are subject to certain fluctuations, which make it necessary to reconfirm the prices calculated on this website. The lift van fumigation (treatment of the transport containers with pesticides), which is now required for some countries, can also result in additional costs that the price calculator cannot take into account. As a rule, however, the calculated prices only differ insignificantly from the actual costs.

When you have filled out and sent the request form following the price calculation, your request will immediately reach the desk of one of our transport consultants in our regional branches. From there, the further processing takes place, from the reconfirmation of the rate with the shipping company to the collection of rates for the door-to-door delivery overseas. The ITO Group does not work with call centers or external service providers. Every request is processed in-house by a qualified forwarding or shipping agent. You will receive your offer in the shortest possible time from a personal contact person as a pdf file by email.

The relocation calculator has a clearly defined requirement profile. The user should be given the opportunity to calculate the costs of his move to his new place of residence within a very short time. He has the choice between different service packages and, in the overseas sector, between different container sizes. Please note that for overseas removals only the service up to the port of entry in your destination country is shown by the relocation calculator.
At the moment, we can only provide a price for delivery in the target country in an individual offer.

Not yet. We ask you to print out the relocation contract, sign it in the order form and send it back to us by fax or post.

Please contact

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