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Our Principles

Client satisfaction and the conscientious fulfillment of our clients’ needs are our top priorities. This principle is laid down in our in-house guidelines and is controlled and guaranteed through quality monitoring such as the worldwide FIDI / FAIM.

Our Clients

We strive to satisfy our clients with our first-class and exemplary quality of service and performance and win them over as regular clients. Above all, honesty and reliability are very important to us. Relocations are a matter of trust – we want to 100% warrant the trust our clients place in us.

Our Competition

For decades, we have been accepting the challenge of honest and fair competition with confidence and without reservation. We are open to temporary collaborations with international competitors, provided this is in the interest of our clients. As a result, we are a recognized member of many internationally renowned freight forwarder associations.

Our Social And Environmental Responsibility

For many years, we have been striving to do our part for a better world. Due to our excellent contacts with Latin America and Mexico, we are able to regularly organize and provide donations. Since we do not wish to derive any benefits from these measures, information on the topic “Helping Hand” is published exclusively upon request.

Our Role As An Employer

Our company features a very flat hierarchy. Our employees will always find an open door and a friendly ear for their suggestions, questions and requests as well as their complaints and problems. This is one of many reasons why compared to the industry we have such low employee turnover.

Our Employees

The professional qualification, inventiveness, team-oriented working environment and not least the responsible proactive work ethic of our employees are key to our company success – history has shown that you can always depend on these attributes of our relocation team. We therefore place great trust in all of our employees and are aware of their strengths.