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Office & Business Relocation

A change of location can be a promising new beginning for a company. In order to ensure a fast and well-planned start in a new branch, an experienced, professional and above all reliable partner is essential.

Finally, the extensive experience of a moving company is the decisive factor that determines whether a major project, such as the relocation of a business, can be objectively planned and successfully executed.

ITO is well aware of this responsibility.

Often only a few hours after work or on the weekend can be allocated to an office move in order to not disturb the regular course of a business. We provide all necessary applications and rely on our modern equipment (external lifts, hydraulic lifts etc.) and professional staff to provide our clients with a simple and smooth relocation.

Our Services

Your contact at ITO for Office & Business relocations

Detlef Forchert

Office relocations
Germany (North)

(+49) 421 – 486 9133

Ingo Odenthal

Office relocations
Germany (West)

(+49) 172 – 429 91 70