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From personal effects and collections to smaller and larger pieces of furniture: ITO provides you with warehousing options tailored specifically to your needs.

Overall, the ITO group has 12 spacious warehouses worldwide. Our warehouses encompass all requirements that are currently associated with this service.

Proper warehousing requires not only experience and expertise, but also the right concept. The type of storage is a crucial factor. Our various storage offerings include short-term, long-term, container and customs warehousing.

Long-term storage

For decades, the ITO Group has warehoused a wide variety of goods such as for clients abroad who want to have their valuable property stored safely and professionally for a long period of time without being damaged. Since then, our conventional warehouses and our warehouse measures have always provided our clients with complete satisfaction.
Your goods are warehoused in very versatile special storage containers – an optimal solution for all your needs.

Your stored goods remain from the beginning to the end of the storage procedure in their original container, also in the case of a pick-up or delivery. This allows you to avoid time-consuming and costly transshipment.
Of course, the containers in our warehouse are protected from unauthorized access by means of a container seal or lock.

Short-term storage

When moving, it often occurs that the proposed starting point or final destination is not immediately available. This can be due to a variety of reasons, for example, not being able to find an apartment or house, a shortage of space or due to transition periods for prospective tenancies.

No matter what is delaying you from moving into your new home – additional stress is often unavoidable. We offer high-quality and above all extremely simple and flexible solutions.

You, of course, always have the option to remove a portion of your goods yourself or to let us bring it to you before delivery of the main transfer.

Customs warehousing

Our company holds a federal customs certificate. ITO is therefore officially authorized to temporarily warehouse duty-unpaid goods without customs clearance as customs storage without any problems for up to a year.

Customs clearance may not occur due to many unforeseen reasons, e.g. missing documents or absence of the owner. This often results in costly rental fees.

We are prepared for all eventualities, as our bonded warehouse enables us to store your goods outside of a free port until all customs formalities have been dealt with and your goods have been cleared.

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