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Global Employee Relocations

The ever-advancing globalization and increasing internationalization demands a high degree of mobility and flexibility from many businesses and their employees. The professional and geographical mobility of skilled workers has become not only a consequence, but also the basis of success for many internationally operating organizations.

With ITO as an international employer that employs without exception German employees in all its branches, you have an experienced and competent partner who, based on direct industry experience, knows all procedures and processes associated with employee relocation and is highly capable in planning, coordinating, executing and monitoring these relocations.

Your advantages with ITO:

  • Decades of experience in corporate client business
  • A range of services customized to meet clients’ sophisticated support needs during employee relocations
  • Reliable global network of agents
  • Additional services such as car shipping or relocation service available upon request

Conclude a framework agreement with ITO:

Many well-known companies and agencies have relied on ITO for decades and concluded long-term framework agreements with us. The framework agreements offer you the advantage of a reliable price framework that fixes the basic costs of an employee relocation during a relocation.

A list of our clients can be found in our reference list.

If you are interested in concluding a framework agreement, please contact our key account manager.

Your contact at ITO for business relocations

Martin Löhnert

Key Account

(+49) 172 – 42991 - 71
Markus Ramel

Key Account Manager

(+49) 1525 – 67509 - 33
Julia Speckmann

Key Account Managerin North germany

(+49) 4107 - 888 930 (+49) 1525 - 63584 - 84

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