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We’ll move you anywhere within Europe!

The ITO Group operates in every country in Europe with its own personnel and equipment. State-of-the-art trucks can manage the farthest distances and easily surmount the highest passes.

Due to our longstanding international presence, we can draw on the best connections to customs authorities throughout Europe. Furthermore, we hold all necessary customs bond licenses and use the fastest and most reliable ferry links in order to best facilitate your move within Europe. We are well prepared for a growing Europe.

Reliable... your side matter where you go

Our services when moving within or to another European country:

  • Consultation with our relocation consultants
  • Creation of a non-binding offer
  • Guaranteed basic liability according to the German Commerical Code, free consultation on insurance matters
  • Standard and custom packaging, provision of removal tools
  • Set up of no-parking zones
  • Employment of trained personnel
  • Packing & unpacking, loading & unloading of household effects
  • Disassembly & assembly of furniture
  • Delivery & collection of packaging material
  • Comprehensive consultation on transport procedure and customs regulations in your destination country
  • We have a bonded warehouse where we can store your goods without customs clearance up to one year
  • Professional and straightforward car and motorcycle shipments
  • Tradesman service, provision of external lifts

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